SpamShield - How to activate

SpamShield is the advanced spam filter for your email service. You can use this filter with your local or remote mail servers. To activate your filter you must first order it via your Funio Hub or via and then you need to modify your MX records.

When you order your SpamShield, our service will detect the mail servers where it will redirect your emails after analyzing and filtering them by checking the MX records of your domain. If you already use an anti-spam filter and it is present on your MX records, you must first modify your MX records for your mail servers so that the filter is properly configured during installation.

It is essential to know where you manage the DNS zone of your domain name since you need to modify your MX records to complete the installation.

If you have a hosting plan with Funio, you need to make sure the mail routing on the server is set to Local Mail Exchanger.

In this article, we have as an example a client who has hosting with Funio and who manages the DNS zone on the same server as his hosting.

SpamShield MX Records

MX server address Priority 10 20 30 40


  • Access to the Funio Hub or

  • Access to cPanel

Task completion: 10 minutes (max)

Expertise: intermediate

How to do it?

Step 1

Please change your MX records by following this article:

Change your MX records

Use the MX records above only if you have already activated your SpamShield spam filter.

Step 2

  1. Log in to your cPanel

  2. Select "Email Routing" under the Email group.

  3. Select the domain name, if you have more than one

  4. Choose the option: “Local Mail Exchanger

  5. Click on the “Change” button


cPanel > Domains >> Zone Editor
cPanel > Email >> Email Routing

Manage your DNS Zone in cPanel


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