How to Configure your Spam Filter (SpamAssassin)

To protect yourself from receiving unsolicited e-mail, you can configure the spam filter from your cPanel. This filter generates a number of points for each message you receive in order to block, delete, move them before reaching your inbox, this score is based on rules optimized by Apache SpamAssassin.


Access to cPanel

Task completion: 15 min

Expertise: Intermediate

How to do ?

  1. Connect to your cPanel

  2. Select “Spam Filters”, in the Email group

  3. Activate the filter (Process New Emails and Mark them as Spam)

  4. Click on the link “Spam Threshold Score”

  5. Choose the score
    a. Default: 5
    b. Recommended: 8

Note: You can enable or disable the “Automatically Delete New Spam (Auto-delete)” option, but a score too low may delete legitimate emails, be careful.
On the other hand, if you do not activate this option, the filter will only identify emails as spam and deliver them to your account.
It is also possible to configure a filter to move emails identified as spam to the junk/spam folder of your account instead of deleting them.

Advanced Options


The spam filter will always allow emails from addresses in the Whitelist.


The spam filter will always block emails from addresses in the Blacklist.

Calculated Spam Score Settings

You can add score rules. We recommend that you consult the Apache SpamAssassin site for an understanding of the rules.


cPanel > Email >> Spam Filters


Apache SpamAssassin

Apache SpamAssassin Rules


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