Remote MySQL connection

Connect to your MySQL database from your computer

Remotely connecting to MySQL using a MySQL client, like MySQL Workbench, may be needed to perform some tasks. To do so, an SSH tunnel must be configured. Below you will find the instructions.


  • Access to your Funio Hub

  • Access your cPanel interface

  • MySQL client that supports SSH tunnels

Task completion: 15 minutes

Expertise: advanced

How to do it?

We will use MySQL Workbench, which is the client offered by MySQL, to configure the connection.

1- Download and install MySQL Workbench here

2- Login to cPanel, create and download the SSH Key

3- Open MySQL Workbench, click Databases → Manage Connections… → New

4- Set the name of the connection

5- Select Standard TCP/IP over SSH as the Connection Method.

6- Complete the information as follows:

  • SSH Hostname: your_server_name

  • SSH Username: Your cPanel username

  • SSH Password: No modification needed, leave default options

  • SSH Key File: Your SSH Key file

  • MySQL Hostname: (localhost won’t work)

  • MySQL Server Port: 3306

  • Username: Your MySQL username

  • Password: Your MySQL password

  • Default Schema: Leave blank

7- Click Test Connection, and a message indicating a successful connection should be shown

8- Click Database > Connect to Database… > OK to create a new connection.

Important notes

When you test the connection you may receive a warning message that contains “The authenticity of ‘….’ cannot be established…“. Simply click OK to accept the authenticity of the server.

You may also receive a Warning message saying you are connecting to a “… non-standard version…”. Simply click Continue Anyway. The message is shown because we use MariaDB on our servers.

Login to your cPanel

Generating an SSH Key


MySQL Workbench


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