Configuring SiteLock 911 scan

Scan it and keep it clean

Configure your SiteLock scanning options to keep your site healthy. The SiteLock solution will scan your website and inform you of any issue.


  • Access to your Funio Hub

Completion of the task: 15 minutes

Expertise: intermediary

How to do it?

  1. Log in to your SiteLock Control Panel

  2. If you haven't configured the protection, a popup will appear asking you to do so. Click Configure

  3. You will be asked to enter an FTP account that has access to the site you want to protect. Fill in the information.

  4. Go back to the SiteLock main page

  5. Click the magnifying glass icon found on the top right-hand side to start the scan

  6. Navigate back to the SMART section in the SiteLock dashboard and verify that the scan is done. The scan will display a yellow notification box

It’s done! Hurray!

Create and manage FTP users

Access to your Funio Hub

SiteLock Dashboard

Logging into your SiteLock Control Panel


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