SiteLock Dashboard

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From your SiteLock Dashboard, you can manage your settings, notifications, reports, and basic functionalities.


  • Access to Funio Hub

Completion of the task: 10 minutes

Expertise: intermediary

Brief Overview

The dashboard is self-explanatory, but let us introduce some sections.

At the top, you can find these functionalities:

  • Collapse and expand the left panel.

  • Alerts for any incomplete configurations

  • SiteLock Trust Seal settings

  • Display received notifications

  • Download a security summary report

  • Change Language

  • Logout

On the left, you will find the main section to manage your service.

  • Dashboard - Overview of the products.

  • Sites - Current sites under your account.

  • Users - Manage your users

  • Settings - Manage your settings allowing you to configure your account, sites, and scans

  • Account - Manage your contact information as subscription packages and history.

  • Help - SiteLock help pages that contain additional information.


Green Checkmark - Everything is in compliance.

Red X - There is a problem, something failed, or malware/vulnerability was found.

Yellow Exclamation Point - There is a pending task(a scan) or the feature needs to be configured.

Gray Arrow - Your service needs to be upgraded to use this feature.

Login to Funio Hub

Logging into your SiteLock Control Panel

SiteLock Account Security Settings



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