SiteLock Account Security Settings

Secure your SiteLock Access

You can enable two-factor authentication and add security questions


  • Access to Funio Hub

Completion of the task: 10 minutes

Expertise: intermediary

How to do it?

Enabling 2FA for SiteLock

  1. Log in to your Funio Hub

  2. Connect into your SiteLock account.

  3. Click on Settings, then Two-Factor Authentication

  4. Choose the method that you prefer by checking the check box

  5. Click the Enable bouton

Configure mobile-app two-factor authentication - Enable using your mobile application for two-factor authentication. You will need to check the box and scan the QR code. After this, you may test the authentication by checking the 'Select this to test mobile-app configuration.' box and provide the 6-digit code to verify this works.

Don’t forget to uncheck the Select this to test mobile-app configuration after your test.

Configure text-message two-factor authentication - Enables the use of two-factor authentication for text messages. Once you have provided a phone number, you can check the 'Select this to test text-message configuration.' box and you will receive a five-character code to verify with.

Don’t forget to uncheck the Select this to test text-message configuration after your test.

Configuring Security Question

Assuming that you are already connected to your SiteLock account, please follow these steps, otherwise, you need to use the steps above.

  1. Click on the Settings Menu

  2. Go to Security Settings

  3. Set your security question

Note: your security question can be used whenever you have forgotten your password.

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