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Welcome to Funio

This interface centralizes all aspects of the management of your Funio account, your domains, your hosting plans, your SSL certificates, and your additional products.


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How to do it?

Connect to the Funio Hub

On the login page, you can open our blog, our knowledge base, the systems' status page, and contact us.

In case you have forgotten your password, simply press the Forgot password? button.

Funio Hub

The horizontal menu will provide you access to:

  • My services: Your hosting plans and additional products

  • Domain registrations: Register and renew your domain names and update the DNS zone

  • My invoices: Check and pay your invoices

  • Support: Access to our knowledge base and network status

  • Assistance: Contact our customer service

On the top right-hand side of the screen you will find your name, which is a drop-down menu with several options available where you can:

  • Update your information

  • Manage users and contacts

  • Add payment methods

  • Manage your account security

  • Change your password

Exploring the sections of your Funio Hub, you will find, among other things, a link to open your cPanel, order a new service, manage your NS and download your invoices.

Manage your services

Manage your domain names

Manage your account billing

Add a new credit card


Register at Funio


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