Domain Authentication Code (EPP)

The EPP or AuthInfo code is only necessary when you wish to transfer your domain to another registrar. If you do not intend to transfer your domain out, you do not need to retrieve it.

'Transferring in' to Funio domain registrations?

Funio cannot retrieve the AuthInfo code of your domain if it is not registered through us. You need to contact your domain registrar for it, and then launch a domain transfer request from our ordering system. If you already have initiated the transfer, you can update the transfer status by logging into your Funio domain management interface and select your domain accordingly.

'Transferring out' of Funio domain registrations?

1. To receive your EPP code, log in to your Hub Funio, and select Products.

2. In the sidebar, click on Domain Names and select the domain name of your choice.

3. In the "Actions" section, you will find EPP code. Click on Send and you will receive an email with your EPP Code.



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