Managing your DNS Zone

WARNING : Changing your Name servers means you are having your domain point to another server for management of the domains entries, such as where the website is located, emails, and subdomains. If you change your DNS, expect downtime. If you change your DNS and edit the information you need to edit immediately, downtime might be less than a few hours.

1. To manage and edit your DNS Zone, log in to your Funio Hub and go to Products. In the sidebar, click on Domain Names and select the domain name for which you wish to edit your DNS Zone.

2. Click on the DNS Zone Management tab. You will find there all possible records.

3. You can click on the "+" in the type of record you would like and fill in the fields:

  • Domain or subdomain
  • TTL (Time to Live):
  • Class: "IN" means "Internet"
  • Type of records: A, MX, TXT ou CNAME
  • Value: webname, IP or another value



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