What is a WHOIS?

A whois (pronounced who is) is a common protocol that allows looking up registration information on a domain name or IP address.

There are many databases available to make these kinds of lookups nowadays, so you can use many websites that will provide you with the same information on the queried domain. The information gathered by these databases is quite complete, but not everything can be made public.

What Information does a WHOIS provide?

  • Registrar: The commercial organization that manages the reservation of internet domain names.
  • Registrant: The person or entity that registered the domain name. Also referred to as the domain owner.
  • Contacts: The individual people to reach in regards to the domain name.
  • Name servers: The servers where the domain points to.
  • Domain status: Whether the domain is active, locked, in redemption, etc.
  • Registration date: Date logged where the domain was first registered.
  • Expiry date: Date when registration of the domain will expire.
  • Updated date: Last date of modification on the domain name.

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