Managing the contacts of a domain name

When you register a domain name you need to provide an email, a physical address, a phone number, and other personal information. You can manage this information via your Funio Hub. You can also edit this information for multiple domains.


  • Access to Funio Hub

Task completion: 2 minutes

Expertise: beginner

How to do it?

  • Connect to your Funio Hub

  • Select "My Domains" under "Domain Registrations"

  • Choose your domain name by clicking on the Status button
  • Click on Contact Information
  • Modify the information
  • Save

Change this information for multiple domains

  • Connect to your Funio Hub

  • Select "My Domains" under "Domain Registrations"

  • On this page, select all of the domains that you need to modify
  • At the bottom of this page, you will find a menu "with selected"
  • Choose "Edit contact information"
  • Modify the information
  • Save

Different types of contacts

  • Registrant: Also called "owner". This person or company has full legal rights over the domain name, including the right to use, sell or destroy the domain name.
  • Administrative: Manages everything. This contact is also the main contact in regards to the domain name (renewal notices, warnings, etc.).
  • Technical: Referential contact for the domain name. Usually the main contact in case of abuse and DNS management.
  • Billing: This contact is a bit deprecated. It was mostly used by registrars to know who to send the invoice to when it came to renewals. It is seldom seen in modern whois lookups. Registrars, with increasing frequency, avoid asking for this information and just copy the admin contact details.

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