Creating an Autoresponder

1. To create an autoresponder, log in to your cPanel. Under Email, click on Autoresponder.

2. Click on Add an autoresponder and fill in the fields:

  • Character set: If you use accents or special characters, make sure you use the correct one. Usually, people use UTF-8
  • Interval: The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address.
  • Email: the beginning of the email address for which you want to create the auto-responder. Make sure that you select the correct domain from the drop-down list.
  • From: The Name you want displayed in the auto-reply
  • Subject: The subject of the automated message
  • This message contains HTML: f you want to use HTML code in your message, you can! Just check this box.
  • Body: The message you want to reply.

3. Choose the start and stop date and click on Create/Modify and you're done!


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