Creating an Autoresponder

Going on vacation and need to inform the people who write emails to you? You can program an automatic message to notify them.


  • Access to cPanel

Task completion: 10 minutes (max)

Expertise: intermediate

How to do ?

  1. Connect to cPanel

  2. Select “Autoresponders” under the Email group

  3. Select the domain under the Managing menu

  4. Click on the “Add Autoresponder” button

  5. Fill in the following fields:
    a. Character Set: utf-8 (default)
    b. Interval: The number of hours to wait between responses to the same email address.
    c. Email: The name of the email address
    d. Domain: The domain name for the email address
    e. From: the name you want to be shown in the from field of the message
    f. Subject: The subject for the autoresponder email
    g. Check the box: This message contains HTML, if the body of the message has HTML tags
    h. Body: The message you want to reply
    i. Start: the start date for the autoresponder
    j. Stop: the end date for the autoresponder

  6. Click on the “Create” button


When configuring an autoresponder, you can use the following tags to insert information into the response email:

The subject of the message sent to the autoresponder.


The name of the sender of the message received by the autoresponder, if available.
%email% The incoming email sender’s address.


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