Validate the contact of a domain name

Since January 8th 2014, a new Registrant Validation System has been put into place by ICANN. The new procedure requires that you validate the registrant (owner) contact information of your domain name. 

The registrant validation process is initiated under the following conditions.

  • New domain registration
  • Domain name transfer from a registrar to another
  • Modification to the Registrant (owner) contact
  • WDRP (WHOIS Data Reminder Policy) bounce back (this email is usually sent to admin contact)
  • Registrar renewal reminder bounce back (this email is usually sent to the admin contact)

Validate the contact of a domain name

1. After purchasing a domain name, you will receive an email from Funio asking you to validate your contact info.

2. Click on the link on this email, and on the validation page, you will need to confirm the contact of the person who registered the domain name. Do so by clicking on Submit after agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

3. You will be redirected to a confirmation page informing you the contact is confirmed.

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