Log in to the Webmail

You are going on a trip or you do not have access to your computer and you want to access your email account, you can access it from a computer or smartphone on your Webmail.


  • Access to your Funio Hub

Task completion: 5 minutes (max)

Expertise: beginner

How to do?

You can access it from your domain name or the server name. In the instructions below, we'll replace your domain name with domain.tld.

  1. Go to https://domain.tld/webmail or https://mail.domain.tld/webmail

  2. Enter your email address and password

  3. Select the Webmail client (Roundcube or Horde)

  4. You are now connected

If your domain name is not responding, you can use your server name:


Replace server_name with the name of the server you are hosted on.

Funio Hub

If your domain name has expired and you do not know the name of the server, you can still access the Webmail from your Funio Hub.

  1. Connect to the Funio Hub

  2. Go to the top menu on Services > My Services

  3. Select your hosting plan by clicking on the "Status" button

  4. Click on “Login to Webmail“ in the left menu

  5. You must enter your email address and password

If you have forgotten the password, please login to cPanel. Read the related article.


Make sure you never save your password on the browser. Always connect with a secure connection - HTTPS. Use a password manager, like LastPass. Avoid CyberCafés (viruses can steal your password or steal your identity)




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