Changing your MX records

Changing your MX records in the Funio Hub

1. You can change and manage your MX records directly in your Funio Hub.

2. Log in to your Funio Hub and click on Products.Then, select Domain Names in the side bar.

3. Click on the domain name of your choice, and in the DNS Zone Management tab, you will be able to manage and change your MX records.

You can do the same thing in your cPanel control panel.

or in cPanel

1. Log into your Control Panel and go to the Email > MX entry,

2. You can edit your MX entries there.

3. Note all the priorities for all MX entries you have there. You can find this value as the first number under the MX Entry column 

  • Priority: Make sure you use a priority that you listed in the previous view. Using the same priority will change the current value. If you use a new Priority, it will add on to the MX list and create confusion as to where the emails should be relayed.
  • Destination: is the value you wish to have the MX point to, per example at google mail apps, the first entry would be
  • Click on Edit to confirm.

Please note: if the emails are hosted on Funio's servers, select Local Mail Exchanger. If your emails are hosted on another server (gmail, outlook), select Automatically Detect Configuration.

Adding new MX entries

Use the same process, but change the Priority to a value that is currently not in use. This will add the new MX you need to add.


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