How to make a payment in your Funio Hub

If you want to pay for your hosting plan, domain services, and any other services you can do it via your Funio Hub.


  • Access to Funio Hub

How to do it?

  1. Log in to your Funio Hub
  2. On the menu bar, click on Billing
  3. On the scrolling menu, click on the My Invoices option
  4. On invoices page, chose the invoice that you need to pay
  5. Click on the Status button to access the invoice
  6. Chose a payment method:
    • Paypal, click on Paypal logo
    • Credit Card, click on the green button, Pay now
  7. Follow the instructions

On the My Invoices page, by default, you can view the last 10 pending invoices, but if you need to consult other invoices you can navigate among the pages from the bottom of the page. The list of invoices shows the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, Total amount and Status (i.e. Upaid, Paid, Cancelled, Refunded). Also, you can make research by Invoice Number, Date (i.e. June), and Status.


Besides, on your dashboard, you can click on the Invoices option which will redirect to your billing history.


Log in to Funio Hub - Client Area


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