Terminating a service or product

Before terminating your product or service Funio would like to rectify any problems which might be leading you to consider canceling. Please contact us we will be pleased to put things right or to match any competitor's price.

If your mind is already made up, please follow the instructions below, we would appreciate your feedback, this will help us to improve our services.

Important: We accept only cancelation requests coming from your Client Area.


  • Access to Funio Hub

How to do it?

  1. Connect to your Funio Hub
  2. Click on Services
  3. Select My Services
  4. Click on the status button of the product you wish to terminate
  5. Click Request Cancellation on the right sidebar
  6. Fill the form

You can decide to not renew your domain name associated with your plan. Termination of your product or service could be immediately or at the end of your renewal period.

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