Specifying a New Directory Index

For some customers that use ASP with their Developer's heaven or Multi-Resources plan, it is a common format to name the main website file as 'default.asp'. In order for the server to recognize your personalized index file as the main/first file to lookup for your website, you need to specify the file name in the .htaccess of your domain's directory

1. Log into your cPanel control panel and go to the File Manager.

2. Browse to the /public_html/ directory

3. Locate the .htaccess file, and click on the file image, not the name, so it becomes highlighted. Click on the Code Editor button on top. 

4. A new window/tab will appear in which you can enter new values just like any other text file. You will need to add a directive on the first line of the file. You can push down current data by hitting enter a couple of times to space out the file. You would enter the following line if your website's filename is 'default.aspx' : 

DirectoryIndex default.aspx 

It will look something like this : 


5. Save the file and you're done!


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