How to use Git with Funio

A distributed version control system for your website development

Not sure what Git is or why you would want to host repositories on your cPanel account?

Git allows you to have a repository on your server to upload updates of your project from multiple sources (developers, for example). Each source can push (upload) modifications and pull (download) modifications done by others. The repository stores both the files and the revision information for the applied modifications over time.

Once the needed modifications have been pushed, the new version can be published to update the current live project.


  • Access to cPanel or

  • Access to Funio Hub

Task completion: 15 minutes

Expertise: intermediate

How to do it?

1. You can set up a GIT project on cPanel by clicking the Git Version Control button found in the Files section.

2. To create a new project simply click the Create button found on the top right-hand side. A new interface will appear.

3. If you already have a project managed by Git, you can use the Clone a Repository option to create a copy on the server. You will need to paste the URL in the Clone URL field. If that is not the case, simply disable the Clone a Repository option, which is enabled by default.

4. The Repository Path field defines the folder where all the files will be kept. You can define a folder that does not exist, and it will be automatically created.

5. The Repository Name defines a name to identify the project in the cPanel interface.

6. The Create Another check box, allows you to automatically return to the creation interface once the new repository has been created, so you can create another.

7. Finally, click Create to create the new repository.

What is next?

After the repository is created a list of the current repositories will be shown. For each repository the Manage, History and Delete options will be displayed on the right-hand side.

When clicking the arrow on the left side of the repository name, the Clone URL will be shown. This URL will be used to clone the repository on a computer to develop the site. Simply click the Copy button to copy the URL.

As you may have noticed, the URL starts with ssh:// which means the SSH protocol is used to establish the connection. To establish the SSH connection, you will need to set up an SSH-Key, using the instructions found in this article:

Using SSH Connection

Interesting resources to start with Git:

  • GitHub: An easy way to manage and share your projects is through GitHub. You will then easily be able to deploy your "production" version on your Funio web hosting space. 

  • We think that this tutorial is ideal for anyone who wants to start using Git. Enjoy!

  • The Git website has everything you need if you have a question about using this system.

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