Importing a MySQL Database

1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub. In the Databases section, click on phpMyAdmin.

2. In the new phpMyAdmin tab, click the Import tab. Choose the database you would like to import by clicking on Browse your computer. Make sure the Format is correct. It should be the extension you chose when you exported your database.

3. Usually, the default settings are correct for your import. You just need to click on Go and you're done!

Bases de données de grande taille

Please note that you won't be able to import a database bigger than 100 Mo. In order to import bigger databases, please follow these instructions.

  1. Download the database on the server via FTP
  2. Contact our support team through the Support Section in your Funio Hub and send them these infos:
    1. The directory where the database is located le chemin du répertoire où la base est situé
    2. The name of the file (name of the database)
    3. The username and the password for the database
  3. We will import the database for you.



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