Add and install a SSL certificate

Contact a Certificate Authority (CA) and follow their instructions on the type of certificate you will need. You can use Funio as a CA. If you do so, you will need a CSR to place the order.

1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub. Under Security, click on SSL/TLS.

2. Generate a KEY from Security > SSL/TLS > Private Keys (KEY). The key must be generated with the encryption specified with the CA (usually 2048 bits). Make sure you add a description when you generate a new key to retrieve the key easily when installing the certificate.

3. Generate a CSR from Security > SSL/TLS > Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) by choosing the key you created at the previous step.

Note that the CSR information is also the contact information your CA will use for interacting with you, so make sure the data is official. Once generated, copy the CSR and save it in a text file. 

4. If you are with Funio, you can now use the CSR to complete the order of the certificate in the Funio Hub.

If you are using another CA, you have to provide them with the CSR. They will consequently create a CRT. You might be required to specify what type of certificate to generate; since you need a CRT, you would specify a cPanel certificate to be generated by the CA.

5. You will then upload the CRT in Security > SSL/TLS > Certificates (CRT) in your cPanel.

6. Under Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS), in the cPanel, you will now be able to activate the SSL certificate. Make sure you select your domain name and click on "autofill" to populate the fields.

Your SSL will then be installed on the server.


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