One-Click Software Installations

For hassle free installations and updates

Softaculous is a tool created to allow the installation and update of a variety of commonly used software, like WordPress and Joomla. Installations can be accomplished with a few clicks and updates can be automatically applied.


  • Access to Funio Hub

Completion of the task: 5 minutes

Expertise: beginner

How to do it?

  1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub.

  2. Find Softaculous Apps Installer, under the Software section.

  3. Select the software you want to install.

  4. Click on Install and fill in the required fields.

  5. Click Install at the bottom of the page to start the installation process.

The following fields are common to all installations:

  • Choose Protocol: HTTP:// or HTTPS:// if you have a SSL certificate

  • Choose Domain: the domain name where you'd like to install your app

  • In Directory: In the event you wish the application to be installed in a subdirectory of the specified domain (e.g., you would mention the sub-folder there. If you already created the sub-folder, remove it because it will be created by Softaculous during the installation.

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