One-Click Software Installations (Softaculous)

1. To install softwares or apps easily, you can use Softaculous. To do so, log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub

2. Find Softaculous Apps Installer, where you can choose the application/software/CMS you would like to install on your server.

3. Once you've picked the software you want, click on Install and fill the following fields:

  • Choose Protocol: http:// or https:// if you have a SSL certificate
  • Choose Domain: the domain name where you'd like to install your app
  • In Directory: In the event you wish the application to be installed in a sub-directory of the specified domain (e.g., you would mention the sub-folder there. If you already created the sub-folder, it will install the files in that folder. If it is not already created, it will create the folder accordingly.

Sometines, you may need to add more info such as a user name, a password, etc. Once ready, click on Install and your application will be installed automatically!


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