Using a SSH connection

Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol for establishing a secure connection to the server on which you are hosted. It allows you to manage your files and run certain commands and scripts very fast, in a secure environment. This article explains your connection basics.

You need to create and install an SSH key first.

Establishing an SSH Connection with Putty (Windows)

1. If you are using Windows, get an SSH Client, like Putty

2. Generate and install an SSH Key.

3. Launch Putty and enter the host name or server IP on which you are hosted (e.g. or

4. Once you hit enter you'll be prompted with a window to approve a security key alert. Simply click Yes.

5. You should be logged in!

Establishing an SSH Connection with Terminal (Mac OS / Linux OS)

1. Generate and install an SSH Key.

2. Launch your Terminal application (Mac OS: you can find it through Spotlight, or in the directory : Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

3. Enter the connection line with this format: 


4. You may be prompted to accept the secure connection Key. Type in yes.

5. You are logged in!


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