Exporting a MySQL database

If you need to export a database, the phpMyAdmin interface offers the option to do it

Exporting a database is a common task when manually creating a backup.


  • Access to cPanel or

  • Access to Funio Hub

Task completion: 15 minutes

Expertise: intermediate

How to do it?

  1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub.

  2. Click on phpMyAdmin, under the Database section,

  3. Choose the database on the left-hand side list

  4. Click on the Export tab on the top menu.

  5. Choose the Quick option*

  6. Click on Go as soon as you will, your download will start

There are several formats you can select to export the data. We recommend you SQL if you would like to import this database with phpMyAdmin; use CSV if you would like to read the data.

* if you would like a comprehensive copy of your database with the standard features of database tables.

Log in to your cPanel

Log in to PHPMyAdmin


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