Password protect a directory

The content of a directory can be protected with a password when being accessed from a web browser

This feature allows you to limit access to a certain website or section of a website. The visitor willing to access will need to enter a valid username and password. It is a quick and easy method that needs no modifications to the website. It is typically used to block access to a site that is under development.


  • Access to cPanel or

  • Access to Funio Hub

Task completion: 10 minutes

Expertise: intermediate

How to do it?

  1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub. In the Files section, choose Directory Privacy.

  2. You can now browse to the directory you want to protect with a password. Note: Click the icon to open a folder. Click the name to select a folder.

  3. Once you have selected the directory you want to protect, in the new screen check the box Password protect this directory and Enter a name for the protected directory.

  4. Now you will have to create a username and a password to give access to the directory and click Save.

  5. Once you have added the authorized users, you can close the window or go back.

Now, every time someone will try to access the directory from a web browser, a prompt will appear, asking for a username and password.

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