How to use outbound emails with WordPress?

Create an email account

You first need to create an email account with your domain name.

1. Go to your Funio Hub and then to your cPanel. In the "Email' section, choose "Email Accounts" and fill the form to create your account with your domain name. You can also follow this tutorial to create an email account.

2.Once your account is created, please write down your SMTP Host and your SMTP Port.

Here, you can use your Funio account.

SMTP host : 
SMTP port: 465 

(You’ll find your server number in the technical information of your plan in your Funio Hub), or with this tutorial.


Configure your WordPress email

You can now set up WP Mail SMTP. Under Settings, go to Email to set up WP Mail SMTP.

Fill the fields with the information of the account you just created.

  1. Add your email address in "From Email"
  2. Choose the name you want to use in "From Name". If you leave this field empty, the plugin will use the default settings of WordPress.
  3. Make sure you activate "Send all WordPress emails via SMTP".
  4. Add the Host and Port in "SMTP Options" and make sure you choose "Use SSL encryption", as well as "Yes: Use SMTP Authentication".
  5. Save.

Test your WordPress emails

At the bottom of the page, you can now test your new WordPress emails


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