Resellers: how to create a package (WHM)

  1. Log into your WHM Control Panel
  2. Locate the Packages section and select Add a Package 
  3. Fill in the fields!
    1. new_package_name: The name of the package you will be using in your settings. I can be something like: Personal / Business / Corporate or Mini / Maxi / Huge. You will figure it out!
    2. Resourcesare the basic parameters of the package/plan you are creating.
      1. quota_title (MB): This is the total amount of space you will allow the account with this package to have calculated in Megabytes.
      2. bandwidth_title (MB): Even if you want to give unlimited bandwidth to your customers, you have to put a number. 10000000 should be enough in that case!
      3. max_ftp_title: The number of FTP users allowed to the account.
      4. max_email_title: The number of email accounts allowed to the account.
      5. max_list_title : The number of mailing lists allowed to the account.
      6. max_sql_title: The number of mysql databases allowed to the account.
      7. max_sub_title: The number of sub-domains allowed to the the account.
      8. max_parked_title: The number of parked domains allowed to the account.
      9. max_addon_title: The number of add-on domains allowed to the account.
    3. Settings are the features of the account.
      1. frontpage_title: Although listed, frontpage extensions are not supported on Panelbox servers. Checking this box is useless.
      2. cgi_acccess_title: Allows the account to use cgi; will add a cgi_bin to the account automatically when activated.
      3. cpanel_theme_title: To take advantage of our unique Control Panel, select "Panelbox". If you wish to give a classic cPanel theme to your customers, use X3.
      4. feature_list_title: Usually, "Default" will do perfectly fine, unless you defined a different Feature list which is where you would be selecting it.
      5. Locale: Basic Language used for the cPanel. Note that the Panelbox theme fully supports English, French and Spanish. Any other language with the Panelbox theme might have some sections untranslated.


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