Installing WordPress on your hosting plan

1. To install WordPress on your hosting plan, log in to your Funio Hub. In Products, click on the hosting plan of your choice.

2. In Quick Access, click on 1-click Softwares. This will open a new tab, click on the Install button on the WordPress icon.

3. Fill in the following fields: 

  • Choose Protocol: choose https if you have a SSL certificate, http if you don't.
  • Choose Domain: choose the domain on which you want to install your WordPress CMS.
  • In Directory: leave this field empty to install it directly on your domain name.
  • Site Name: the name of your website
  • Site Description: a description of your website
  • Enable Multisite: if you want to activate WordPress Multisite, click on this box
  • Admin Username: the username of the admin
  • Admin Password: password for the admin
  • Admin Email: the admin's email
  • Choose Language: Choose the language for your WordPress
  • Select Theme: You can select a theme here, but you can also do it later if you wish.

4. Click on Install and you're done! You can then access your WordPress for http://yourdomain.tld/wp-admin


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