Installing Python and/or Django

1. To install Python or Django, log in to your cPanel and under Software, click on Setup Python App. Choose the version of Python you woud like and where you want to install it, as well as the URL of your app.

2. Name your application with the file under the WSGI file location section. If the is under the same root as your application, make sure you name it this way:

If not, you must specify the path of
The object of the application must be the same as the one you use on application = get_wsgi_application(). If your object is named mysite for instance (mysite = get_wsgi_application()), you must name it like

3. You can install modules from cPanel or pip. In cPanel, click Add under the Modules section and choose your module and its version.

4. Then, download the directory of your application. The name of the directory should be the same as the name of your application.

Important: please note that you have to start the application from cPanel every time you make a change.

You will be able to check the errors on the page of your site. Some other error will be in the Apache logs (cPanel > Metrics > Errors).


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