Renew a SSL Certificate

Please note that you can renew a SSL Certificate up to 60 days before the expiry date.

1. First, you need to generate a new CSR. You can do so following these steps.

If you are renewing a standard certificate, make sure you generate a CSR for

If you are renewing a Wildcard Certificate, make sure you generate a CSR for *

2. Then, log in your Funio Hub and in the Products section, select SSL Certificate on the left, then choose the certificate you wish to renew.

3. Click on the second tab "Renew CRT". Follow the instructions and add the new CSR. You will need to select an approval email and then click on "Next"

4. An invoice will be created for this mew certificate. Make sure you go in the Finances section to pay it.

5. Once you have approved the certificate with the approval email, a new SSL certificate (CRT) will be created and available in your Funio Hub.

6. You can now install the new certificate in the cPanel following this procedure.


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