How do I start a conversation?

The Funio team likes to help you and your business.

If you are an existing customer, you can start a conversation from your Funio Hub. However, if you are a new customer, you could register and create your Funio account, or contact us from our website.

If you start a conversation from your Funio Hub, this will allow us to identify you correctly and record your conversation. However, if you start this conversation from our website, it will not be saved and we will not have a record of it on our system.

How to do it?

Start a conversation from the Funio Hub

  1. Connect into your Funio Hub.
  2. Click on Assistance
  3. Be careful, the conversation window will open at the bottom of the page.
  4. Follow the instructions
  5. Describe your request

An agent will respond to you as quickly as possible depending on the number of requests. Don't worry, your requests are always a priority for us and we will answer your message within the next hour upon receipt.


Funio Hub> Support

Start a conversation from our website

You can go to our website, then on the bottom of the page, and click on the green button to start a conversation. As easy as pie!

Some Tips for your requests

It is not always easy to describe a problem, but giving the necessary information to our team it will allow us to assist you correctly and speed up the resolution process.

Specify your domain name

It’s the main link to your service. If we know the domain name of the plan or service in question, it will be easier for us to identify the problem. We remind you that a hosting plan may contain many domain names.

Describe your product, service, or server

This will help us verify the problem. A domain name may have several services.

Use keywords

The keywords will allow you to describe your problem more quickly, easily, and efficiently without wasting too much time in describing your problem.

Link the following words depending on your problem:

Domain name:
Product: domain name, shared plan, VPS, SSL, Cakemail, anti-spam
Service: registration, renewal, transfer, upgrade, migration, configuration, recovery, mail, FTP, billing
Status: suspension, blocking, slowness, unavailable, down

Give a brief description of the problem

A brief description will help us understand the problem. Long descriptions can cause the loss of important details for solving your problem.

Note: Please take into consideration that it is not an instant messaging system, but rather a point of contact with our support service.


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