How to configure OpenVPN on iPhone/iPad?

Connect to your VPN from your iPhone

Your iPhone/iPad can take advantage of your VPN plan using OpenVPN. Install it and configure it following the steps listed below.


  • Access to your Funio Hub
  • An iPhone/iPad device
  • A VPN plan with Funio

Completion of the task: 15 minutes

Expertise: beginner

How to do it?

  1. From your iPhone/iPad open your App Store.
  2. Use the Search option and look for the OpenVPN Connect app.
  3. Download and install OpenVPN Connect.
  4. Now, still on your iPhone/iPad, log in to your Funio Hub with Safari.
  5. Navigate to Services > My Services
  6. Find your VPN product and click its Status “Active”.
  7. Take note of your Username and Password, which will be needed later.
  8. Click the Server Management > Available Servers button.
  9. Chose one and click Download > Default (UDP 1194), to download the configuration file. We suggest choosing a server located near you. For example, if you are in Quebec, choose CA#1 or CA#2.
  10. Open the configuration file and import into OpenVPN Connect and click Add.
  11. Enter your Username, check the box Save password and enter your Password then check the box Connect after import and click ADD on top right.
  12. Allow OpenVPN to add the VPN configurations.
  13. Access the VPN by enabling the button.

Log in to Funio Hub - Client Area


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