Setup your OX App Suite email on Windows PCs

Send and receive emails on your PC

Configuring your OX App Suite account on Outlook to send and receive emails is as easy as it can be.


  • Own OX App Suite or OX App Suite + Productivity products

Completion of the task: 15 minutes

Expertise: beginner

How to do it?


  1. Open Outlook on your Windows PC.

  2. Then go to the File tab and click on + Add Account

  3. In the Email address box, you enter the email address you want to configure and click on Connect.

  4. Now you select IMAP.

  5. In the IMAP Account Settings window enter:
    Incoming mail Server:
    Port: 993
    Encryption method: SSL/TLS
    Outgoing mail Server:
    Port: 587
    Encryption method: SSL/TLS
    Then click Next.

  6. Enter your password for the account you are setting up and click Connect.

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