Import email addresses

You want to quickly create your email addresses and forwarders? You can import the list of your email accounts into your cPanel account.


  • Access to cPanel

Task completion: 10 minutes (max)

Expertise: intermediate

The format for your csv or xls file

Importing email addresses

You need at least the email address, but you can use 3 columns to import the email address, the password and account quota.

Importing forwarders

You need at least the source email and the destination email.

An example of file can be found on the “Address importer” page

How to do ?

  1. Connect to cPanel

  2. Select "Address Importer", under the Email group

  3. Select what you want to import

  4. Upload the file (csv or xls)

  5. Click Next

  6. Validate the values of each column

  7. Select the domain name

  8. Click Next

  9. Click Finish


cPanel > Email >> Address Importer


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