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If you have created an email account on your hosting, one of the best ways to check your emails is from a mail client. You can configure it on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Whether it's Thunderbird, Mail, Outlook, or some other mail client, you can configure it with the information below.


  • Access to cPanel

  • Mail client up to date

Task completion: 5 minutes (max)

Expertise: beginner


The choice of a protocol depends on the use of the mail client by the user.

If you have multiple electronic devices configured with the same email address, you need to use the IMAP protocol to synchronize your mail clients with the server, so each email will be accessible on all your devices.

On the other hand, if you want to keep your messages locally and not on the server, you must choose the POP3 protocol, this will desynchronize your mail clients.

Using an SSL certificate will add a layer of security to the transmission of your emails. Third parties could intercept your unencrypted information and misuse them. Encrypting your information is thinking about your security.

What is the difference between POP and IMAP?

First of all, you need to choose the incoming mail protocol.

POP: Messages are downloaded locally to your computer.

IMAP: the server and your mail clients are synchronized.

Configure your Mail Client

Here is the recommended information for setting up your email account.

Please replace {name} with the user and {domain.tld} with your registered domain name.


Mail server user: {name}@{domain.tld}

Incoming mail server (POP3 & IMAP): mail.{domain.tld}

Incoming mail server ports (POP3 / IMAP): 995 / 993

Outgoing mail server (SMTP): mail.{domain.tld}

Outgoing mail server port: 465


Important: Use password authentication for the outgoing mail server. Make sure to allow and use SSL for your SMTP server.

Note: All this information can be found on your cPanel, cPanel > Email Accounts > Choose your email address > Manage > Connect Devices > Mail Client Manual Settings

Mail Client - Outlook 2013 - POP3 Configuration

Mail Client - Thunderbird 60.2.1 - IMAP Configuration

Install an SSL certificate on mail.{domain.tld}


SSL connection with the SMTP server

Mail Clients


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