Changing the Login/email of your Funio Hub

The main address of your Funio account is the registered email address when creating your account. You can add users and give them permissions to certain sections of your client area, but the primary email address is the account owner and has all permissions over the account.

This email address will be used for all communications with us, also you can choose the type of communications you want to receive. Try to use an email address that is not associated with your web hosting. Your domain may expire and you may not be able to receive our communications or access your account.


  • Access to Funio Hub

How to do it?

  • Log in to your Funio Hub
  • Click on your Name, right-hand corner
  • Click on Account Details
  • Look for the field Email Address
  • Change your e-mail address
  • Save

Log in to Funio Hub - Client Area

No Longer Access to Your Client Area - Funio Hub

Changing your Funio Hub Password



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