Managing your DNS Zone in cPanel

NOTE: If your domain name is registered with Funio, you can manage your DNS zone directly in your Funio Hub, in the Manage DNS Zone tab of your domain name.

1. Log in to your cPanel account through your Funio Hub. You can see your DNS Zone in DomainsAdvanced Zone Editor.

2. You can click on Edit to edit the value of your DNS Zone, or delete some records.

3. To add a record, you just need to do so at the top of the page in the Add a Record section.

  • Type: A, for an IP, CNAME for a domain/subdomain name
  • Name: The value you wish to enter in "Subdomain" should be something like "remote" (no quotation marks) if you wanted to point to the location you will be specifying.
  • Address: is the IP, or canonical name you need the subdomain to point to, per example for an A record; for a cname entry.
  • TTL: in seconds, it is refresh rate within the DNS Zone for which this IP will be looked at. 14400 is the default and you should not change it unless you were specified otherwise.
  • Press Add Record and you are done!


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